What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning?

Unrestricted access to the internet is one of the hallmarks of the 21st century, and we are involved with technology daily through different means like carrying out online research survey, making new friends, selling and buying with zero contact, and education to mention a few. Education had already started taking a new turn even before the dreaded pandemic started. You can earn a degree from the comfort of your home or office through e-learning, which is achieved through diverse means like video conferencing, live lectures, and online platforms that offer several courses in affiliation with known universities, among several others. The internet gives a wider coverage to education, making e-learning is an exciting possibility.

The possibility of schooling online is still fascinating to some even with the realization that the world is fast evolving. With the several platforms offering online studies, you could sit back home or even from your business office to learn without the itch of waking up early to get ready for lectures or having to be in a physical classroom. You might need to make some researches or read reviews to find an online platform that best suits you, and you would need some organic reviews from real people who had experienced the service firsthand and would be in a better position to guide your decision in your choosing the right platform, one of which is US-reviews platform.

The advantages of E-learning

  • It is an efficient way of providing online studies to students, either for research purpose or to earn a degree
  • It is a time-conscious practice which is very flexible and convenient for learners or beneficiaries. You could have lectures anywhere and at any time too.
  • You could be a part-time worker or a full-time worker and still take full advantage of this intuitive learning process.
  • For curious minds, e-learning paves the way to self-learning. You could be your own tutor by getting accurate materials for the purpose of your study.
  • There are possibilities for interaction or group discussion through various platforms, that way you are able to see or chat with other students like you or even your tutor(s), depending on the type of platform used.

The disadvantage of E-learning

Sometimes, life and processes combine pros and cons to exist and form of contradictory disadvantage. E-learning may not have too many disadvantages, but here a few.

  • The tutor may not be able to validate the authenticity of a particular student’s work, since it’s online, anyone can carry out the work.
  • The essence of the face to face interaction is defeated. Physical interaction brings more life into the lessons.
  • Online assessments are limited to objective questions by nature the settings.
  • There are tendencies of only knowledge-based capability than practical based.

Finally, internet learning is a technological innovation that has come to stay. Bringing education to the convenience of the student is a great improvement that has yielded tangible results over the years. However, this is not to say that e-learning has come to replace the physical schools or interactions – it is an experience that should be encouraged to work side by side with the traditional form of education.

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