Top US jobs for 2021, according to a new Glassdoor ranking

The start of the year is a big period for hiring, and Glassdoor’s new ranking shows many tech roles are poised to be good jobs this year.

If you are just starting the job search to land your next position or are still looking for work amid the pandemic, your best fit may be one of these jobs. 

Glassdoor just released its annual list of the best jobs in America. To find the top 50 jobs this year, Glassdoor looked at three factors for each position: job satisfaction on a five-point scale based on employee feedback, number of job openings as of December 7, 2020, and median base salary. All of the jobs Glassdoor used in its analysis had at least 2,000 openings, and the list excluded C-suite and internship positions.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics finds tech jobs will continue to boom over the decade, with computer and information technology jobs projected to grow much faster than the overall average. Similarly, according to Glassdoor’s new ranking, different jobs in tech seem to have a bright future ahead of them this year. Glassdoor noted that the positions that make up the top six are all tech jobs. Overall, 22 of the top 50 are tech positions. 

One job outside of tech that made the top 10 was dentist, where this role had a job satisfaction rating on Glassdoor of 4.0 and a median base salary over $100,000.

Salaries, job satisfaction, and openings varied among the best jobs. Of the 20 best jobs on this year’s list, salaries range from $80,066 for program managers, who ranked at No. 20, to $134,122 for dentists. Java developers, who ranked at the top this year, also is a high-paying role with a median base salary of $90,830. Software engineers had the most openings, however, at the time of Glassdoor’s research, with over 40,000 openings in early December.

Read on to see what positions were at the top of Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2021. The full list can be found here.