Tom and Giovanni Fletcher trolled after showing off impressive homeschooling set up

Celebrity parents Tom and Giovanni Fletcher have been blasted by fans after sharing pictures of their impressive homeschooling set up.

The McFly singer and his podcaster wife shared a picture of their two children sitting at plush desks with the caption ‘The new classroom’.

Celebrities are joining parents across the country in having to homeschool their children once again after another national lockdown was announced in a bid to reduce coronavirus cases.

However the post did not go down well with all the couple’s fans with some accusing the couple of making other parents feel ‘inadequate’.

One said: “This looks great, but most of us haven’t the room/budget to set something like this up unfortunately. Does make one feel slightly inadequate. My homeschooling is a tad more organic.”

Another agreed: “Probably not the wisest to post this when people are struggling to homeschool without equipment or to even feed their children.

“A little insensitive to post a whole inbuilt classroom, probably going to make a lot of families feel inadequate.”

A third added: “If only all parents had this privilege.

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“There’s a time and a place and right now when there a children that can’t even get basic necessities to live… this is not a nice thing to see.

“I think it looks awesome but there’s so many suffering children in the U.K. right now. I love you both but, please be mindful of others who might feel like a failure seeing this!

“Such an attention grabber,” said another.

A fifth added: “Fabulous set up for your boys but sadly it’s very different for most families doing home schooling…many still without any useful IT equipment.

Another added: “Looks great, but I just hope that other parents don’t think that these are the lengths they have to go to, especially if they can’t afford it.”

However not everyone was critical of the pair.

One fan said: “This is an awesome set up! Hope you and G aren’t finding it too stressful?”

Another said: “This would be an amazing set up.”

“Homeschool goals,” added another.

“How the other half live wish I could do the same for my child instead we have paper pen and the dinner table.”

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