‘The Bachelor’ contestants all seem to have reputable jobs this season, except one

This season, exiting limos at Chateau at Nemacolin, is a stunning group of women, who unlike seasons past with extremely creative professional titles, seem to have legit and respectable jobs. (Well, except, perhaps, one.)

Bachelor Matt James himself is a banker from Raleigh, North Carolina, who host Chris Harrison says had a “record breaking number of submissions” from women across the country.

This season kicks off with the women quarantining in a hotel and contestant Alicia dancing in the hallways. She’s listed as a professional ballerina and she loves working with children.

We then meet the following: Abigail, a client financial manager, Kristin, an attorney, Magi, a pharmacist, Anna, a copywriter who works in advertising during the day and a bar at night, who calls James “like 1000 on the hot scale.”

Sarah is a broadcast journalist and cares for her dad who suffers from ALS, Lauren is a corporate attorney, Pieper is a graduate student, Bri is a communications manager, Rachael is a graphic designer, Jessenia is a social media marketer, and Chelsea makes her living as a runway model.

We also meet Carolyn, another journalist, Sydney, a marketing specialist, Khaylah the healthcare advocate, Serena C., a flight attendant, Serena P., a publicist, Saneh the IT consultant, and Alana the photographer.

Kaili, a hostess, shows up in lingerie, then there’s Corrinne, a marketing manager, Marylynn, an event coordinator, Emani, a realtor, and MJ, a hairstylist.

There’s bank marketing manager Katie, nursing student Amber, airline recruiter Kimberly, and Casandra, a social worker.

Illeana is a health food developer who makes James try a huge meatball, and Kit, a fashion entrepreneur who shows up in a feather mini dress.

And for the finale? Enter the queen.

Victoria, who lists her job as “Queen,” is carried in wearing a tiara and offers no explanation as to how exactly she got her royal title.

“I’m Victoria, like the queen, and I’m looking for a king with a good heart. So, I heard that’s you, King Matt,” she said in the season premiere. “Queen Victoria is here. I know I’m so confident and so fun, I know I made a good impression, so I just wanna put like, my best foot forward.”

And then she tripped.

“I am the queen of this kingdom,” she said.

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