Take schooling to the next level with Impaq Online School

South Africa’s largest home education curriculum provider has launched a brand-new Impaq Online School at a time when demand for distance education continues to grow rapidly. For 20 years, Impaq has been a leader in structured homeschooling in South Africa. During this period, more than 169 000 learners have used their educational services.

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for their homeschooling offering — which follows the CAPS curriculum and caters for grade R to grade 12 learners — has accelerated, with record numbers of families switching to this form of education in the last 18 months.

Amid this backdrop, Impaq has embarked on taking schooling to the next level by launching a fully catered-for online school for English- and Afrikaans-speaking learners.

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Welcome to the Impaq Online School

The introduction of the Impaq Online School is a continuation of Impaq’s dedication to providing excellent education to distance learners. Admissions to the online school opened officially on 1 September 2021, with the school set to cater to grade seven to 11 learners in 2022. Plans are in place to expand the offering to other grades from 2023.

While their traditional homeschooling offering sees parents taking on most of the teaching, the online school will allow parents to have their children attend online classes led by highly qualified teachers. The knowledgeable teachers will:

  • facilitate classes throughout the day,
  • cover all material,
  • build interpersonal relationships,
  • track and encourage learner progress, and
  • answer any questions in real-time.

Class sizes are capped at 30 learners per class, allowing for an individualised and social learning experience.

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Taking learning to the next level

The Impaq Online School provides learners with a fully supported learning experience to help them flourish in an online environment, while maintaining academic excellence. The Online School offers:

  • Live, interactive classes presented daily
  • Access to qualified teachers
  • Opportunities to interact with classmates
  • Access to chat forums
  • Printed books or e-books
  • All assessments for the year including tests, tasks, and examinations
  • Access to the Optimi Learning Portal with recorded classes, interactive lessons, quizzes, and more
  • Extra classes in specific subjects
  • Access to a wellness app and a counsellor
  • Fitness classes
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The sophisticated Optimi Learning Portal will monitor learners’ educational progress. This online system can help identify gaps in children’s learning and ensure that educational outcomes are tracked and met. The Impaq Online School will not only focus on academics but also look at ways to improve learners’ physical and mental wellbeing with access to fitness sessions, a wellness app, and a counsellor.

Register for the Impaq Online School today

For families wanting to sign up for the Impaq Online School, it is as simple as visiting the Impaq website, clicking on the registration page, and selecting the Impaq Online School option during registration.

Costs for the Impaq Online School are competitive compared to others in South Africa and will cover books, examination fees, and costs for practical examinations (PATs). For grade seven to nine learners, these costs will start from R2 236 per month and for Grade 10 and 11 learners, these will start from R2 670 per month.

Take your child’s learning to the next level in 2022 and register for the Impaq Online School today! Visit www.impaq.co.za to learn more.

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