• Education

    Porn Education Is Totally Unprepared for Modern Porn

    Earlier this year, Manhattan’s prestigious Dalton School bid farewell to Justine Ang Fonte, its then-director of health and wellness, who had guided the academy’s sex education for years. Their parting was the conclusion of a minor media scandal with all the makings of a major one: Fonte, who also gives presentations at other institutions, had become the subject of controversy after offering a frank porn-literacy course to high schoolers at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in May, resulting in a scandalized write-up in the New York Post. A handful of Columbia Prep parents were, it seemed, appalled by the allegedly explicit presentation Fonte had given their children. Fonte was taken…

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  • Science

    8 times nature was totally metal in 2020

    This year, a lively debate raged in the scientific community: Just how metal (see: epic, awesome, brutal) was nature in 2020? Following yet another year of record wildfires, hurricanes and high temperatures, climate scientists determined that 2020 was in fact the most metal year on record since record-keeping began. But paleontologists countered, saying that nature was actually way more metal 200 million years ago, while astronomers argued that the most metal stuff in the universe happened billions of years ago, and we’re only now just seeing it. Who is right? You be the judge. Here are eight of the most metal things nature threw at us in 2020. (For the…

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