Through engaging activities and workshops Science North’s camps spark natural curiosity while inspiring a love for science NEWS RELEASE SCIENCE NORTH ********************* Registration for Science North Summer Science Camps is now open in Barrie and surrounding areas including Orillia and Midland. As well as 30+ additional communities across Northern Ontario. Since 1987, Science […]

CERN celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by shedding light on the variety of career paths for women in STEM. Each year, on 11 February, CERN celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by shedding light on the variety of career paths for […]

Some of the people featured in Elisabetta Citterio’s photographic project STEM Passion, which opens this month at the Berlin Institute of Health.Credit: Elisabetta Citterio In 2019, molecular biologist Elisabetta Citterio embarked on a journey to highlight the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and to broaden […]

This week’s science news has revealed an enormous “superstructure” bigger than Idaho growing on the seafloor, an ancient bullet inscribed with the name of Julius Caesar, and an extinct “hypercarnivorous” grizzly bear that was actually mostly vegetarian. ‘Superstructure’ growing on the Pacific seafloor since the dinosaur age The Melanesian Border […]

Scientific discoveries and technological innovation play a vital role in addressing many of the challenges and crises that we face every year. The last year may have come and gone quickly, but scientists and researchers have worked painstakingly hard to advance our knowledge within a number of disciplines, industries, and […]

It was another bumper year for breakthroughs, records, and firsts for science, in fields ranging from conception to death, with some freak waves and prehistoric fish hearts thrown in for good measure. New Atlas looks back at the year in science for 2022 and selects some of the most interesting […]

These reported discoveries from 2022 could be game changers, if only we were sure of the findings. News reports this year left us wondering … Is new physics around the corner? A measurement of the mass of an elementary particle called the W boson has physicists holding their breath. Data […]

Nuclear fusion, infectious diseases and an incredible new space telescope were ongoing stories in 2022, but what were some of the other big scientific developments, discoveries and events of the year? Technology 16 December 2022 By Jacob Aron The Pivdennoukrainsk nuclear power plant in Ukraine GENYA SAVILOV/AFP via Getty Images […]

Words alone cannot capture the full wonder (or horror) of all the stories science had to tell this year. That’s where graphics come in. Whether visualizing the most important data emerging around the COVID pandemic, explaining some mind-bending idea in quantum physics or synthesizing the incredible journey of a parasite […]