BRYAN, Texas — According to a local advocate, the number of students homeschooling in the Brazos Valley has at least doubled since the pandemic subsided. This is on par with national trends, where there’s been a 51 percent increase in homeschooling since 2021 compared to 2017-2018. Home learning during the […]

In The Color of Homeschooling: How Inequality Shapes School Choice, Assistant Professor of Sociology Mahala Stewart exposes the racial differences in homeschooling and what that might mean for the nation’s education system. The book, published by New York University Press this fall, is based on more than 100 interviews with […]

Homeschooling has been a resounding success in recent decades. The homeschool model, which was once highly stigmatized and even banned in some states, is now legal and practiced nationwide, giving parents wide latitude in shaping their children’s education. And it’s only getting more popular. Since 2019, the number of U.S. […]

Donate to spiked this Christmas, and help keep us free, fearless and independent. One of the least democratic pieces of schools legislation ever to have been proposed in Britain was finally withdrawn by the government last week. Yet a potentially worse threat to education now remains in the void it […]

Foster your high schooler’s strengths and skillsets by creating personalized electives based on their interests and future career paths One of the perks of homeschooling your high school students is the freedom to give them a high school experience like no other; you can be creative and design personalized electives […]

Homeschooling has boomed over the past decade. In 2017, 3.3% of the nation’s students or almost 2.3 million students chose homeschooling. Despite appearing trivial, these numbers are a significant rise from the 1980s, when homeschooling found several supporters, paving the way for it to be legalized in 20 states. Parents […]

A new survey shows that after schools arbitrarily shut down for several consecutive months, parents of all political backgrounds continue to take on the rigors and responsibilities of homeschooling long after schools have reopened. Educators in both public and private schools should be asking why this is. Why would parents […]