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    N.H. Education Commissioner lends support to parents at conservative forum

    New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has long taken a critical stance towards the public school system he oversees. Now, he’s lending his support to conservative activists who want to overturn school mask mandates and who have called for continued push back against local school boards. Get NHPR’s reporting about politics, the pandemic, and other top stories in your inbox — sign up for our newsletter today. On Sunday, Edelblut spoke at a forum hosted by the Government Integrity Project, a conservative activist group that has been involved in several right-wing and libertarian controversies in recent months. Members of the group have encouraged baseless accusations of fraud in state elections,…

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    The Day – ‘Conservative Grace’ and her civil exchange of ideas

    Some on the political continuum would find her nickname — “Conservative Grace” — to be oxymoronic, what with our increasingly rigid political allegiances that lead to more bloviating than listening. But moments listening to Grace Reilly, 18, a three-sport kid and 2020 graduate of St. Bernard, lead to an epiphany that runs contrary to the current rancor: We can think and believe in different things and still exchange ideas with civility and curiosity. Reilly attends Grove City College in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. She not only espouses conservative values, but does so at deeper levels than her age might suggest. “Conservative Grace” is an ambassador for Turning Point USA, a national student…

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    Three Conservative Principles for Education

    American conservatism is at a crossroads—or perhaps more accurately, at a roundabout with lots of potential exits. Conservative education policy is no exception. Some think that school choice and standing up to teachers’ unions are the alpha and omega of conservatism when it comes to education. Others see the creeping “wokeness” of schools and seek to push back, or find ways to advance a more patriotic education. Still others wish to manage public bureaucracies more responsibly via testing and accountability. AEI has collected more than two dozen such proposals—including many that break new ground on questions from school safety to parent-driven assessment—in “The Next Conservative Education Agenda.” These varied ideas…

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