With state legislatures convening soon, college leaders will once again be on guard against a range … [+] of ill-conceived bills. getty It’s January, which means that most state legislatures are beginning their sessions. Lawmakers are pre-filing bills, announcing priorities, and outlining the main issues they intend to address in […]

Studs Terkel wrote of the dignity and value of blue collar, manual labor and direct care jobs, in … [+] such books as Working and Division Street. In 2023, these jobs are making a comeback. Bettmann Archive (Blue collar, manual labor and care jobs, once considered the past, are making […]

A new survey shows that after schools arbitrarily shut down for several consecutive months, parents of all political backgrounds continue to take on the rigors and responsibilities of homeschooling long after schools have reopened. Educators in both public and private schools should be asking why this is. Why would parents […]