Some homeschooling students entering alternative learning program, data suggests | Coronavirus

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — According to Clark County School District, about 4,000 more letters of intent to homeschool have been submitted this school year, compared to the average number in years prior. Now, in FOX5’s continuing coverage, it appears that some of those students are learning in alternative group settings, rather than just at home.

Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy said they have seen their enrollment numbers almost double since last semester. The public-private partnership added two additional grades, seventh and eighth, and have expanded to neighborhood recreation centers to add additional classrooms to accommodate the demand.

One parent said she took her daughter out of CCSD and enrolled her at SNUMA, because she had to.


“It was a necessity for me. I’m in essential worker, and at the end of last year when school closed, I had to every day find a different place and someone to watch my children because I couldn’t take off work,” said Shannon Lopez-Perez.

Now, she says her fifth grader wants to stay in the program for sixth grade, if it continues into next school year.

The micro academy offers smaller class sizes (capped at 15 students), grades students based on a “mastery of concepts” system, and also avoids standard testing.

The program is only open to North Las Vegas residents and children who have registered to do homeschooling.

For more information, visit SNURMA’s website, here.

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