Preschool education in America: pros & cons

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Parents in America constantly deal with the worry of deciding what time is right for their kid’s preschool education. Some would rather prefer homeschooling for the first few years of the children’s life.

Many believe the cradle stage is the perfect time to bond perfectly with their kids and share their values with them. However, at some point, the debate on which of the preschool institutions to attend comes up between parents. Let’s preview the pros and cons of preschools.


Receptive Learning Environment For Kids

For a million reasons, parents believe the home is the best and most conducive environment for learning. However, conversations on American preschool education conclude that kindergartens are a better option. Parents can always get free papers about preschool education here at for a better comparison between homeschool and preschool learning. Kids learn better when learning with a group of friends or peers. Limited communication with society can negatively affect the future of your children.

Developing Social Skills

Home preschool education limits your child’s chances to a wider network of friends. At most, they only get neighbors and cousins as friends with homeschooling. However, ensuring their education starts with preschool institutions increases their social and networking skills.

Kids learn to make friends faster than any group of adults or teenagers. They bond over the littlest things and share common interests almost immediately after meeting. Preschool education prevents your children from being isolated.

Exposure To New Experiences

In the four walls of your home, kids are limited to the experiences they get about life and humanity in general. Home preschool education restricts children from having their best childhood fun experiences.

On the other hand, enrolling them in preschool institutions enables them to play new games, share toys, and sing beautiful songs with friends. With kindergarten education, every day unveils a new chapter of fun, excitement, and an educational experience for the children.

Builds Their Relationship With Other Adults

Kids could be highly selective when accommodating other adults. In most cases, children only accept the company of their parents and other trusted adults. Except your kid is extremely social, that list comes down to an uncle, aunty, godparents, and elder siblings.

Enrolling children in preschool institutions helps them familiarize themselves with other adults. Aside from the faces of other kids, which they see as equals, they learn to accept other adults in their space.

Wide Scope Of Learning

In school, toddlers have a nationwide approved curriculum teachers work with. This helps children study and learn following accredited standards. With home preschool education, your child is limited to the expertise of a few subjects. Especially when the teaching is instructed by one of the parents. However, learning in a class guarantees that the child stays informed and educated on all subjects as a toddler.

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High Cost of Learning

One of the major reasons parents ignore preschool institutions is the high cost of learning. The idea of spending so much on a child at such a tender age never settles well with parents. Hence, the origin of homeschooling and tutoring.

Parents believe they’d rather homeschool their kids than spend such an enormous amount on a toddler. The cost of learning for kids is expensive, even for preschool institutions. For this reason, they are often left with no option but to make the learning fees high.

Kids Getting Sick

Another disadvantage attached to preschools is the health risk on every child. At a tender age, children have quite a sensitive body system that picks up germs and diseases around them easily. To enroll your child in a preschool literally means exposing them to health risks daily. Their chances of catching flu, contracting food diseases, and other airborne diseases become extremely high.

For this reason, parents would rather homeschool where the environment can be trusted than risk their children’s health.

Preschools have several pros and advantages children could benefit from where learning and socialization is concerned. Nonetheless, preschools also have a few cons that prompt nursing mothers and fathers to homeschool. Others may include balancing their work schedule by picking up the kids and not being in control of their friends.

However, all of these are also major concerns for parents with students, even at the university level. In the end, you’d have to decide what works best for you and your spouse. Most importantly, the future of your kids.

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