Pandemic schooling inspires free online tutoring for kids | Education

They built a website and, through social media, connected with some parents who wanted the extra academic support for their children.

Flora and her friends offered tutoring in math and English language arts for 45 minutes to an hour once a week through Zoom, the online video-conferencing platform.

“I love it,” said Galina Danilovich, 16, one of the tutors. “You do service hours and my kids are great. I love helping them out.”

Galina, a junior at Williamsville North, has been tutoring a kindergartner and a fourth grader, rotating between the two every other week. Galina thinks some extra personalized attention has been good for kids, given the irregular instruction this year.

“I mostly help them with English and reading and writing,” Galina said. “The older one, I just kind of help her with assignments. The younger one, in particular, we read Time for Kids articles. I just kind of ask her questions about them and have her read for comprehension.”

Yolanda, 16, has had some experience tutoring classmates, but it has been an adjustment explaining past participles to a fifth grader or converting fractions with a third grader.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve last been in elementary school, so I’m always looking for new ways to explain the course material so that it makes sense to someone who is a lot younger than I am,” said Yolanda, another junior at Williamsville North.

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