Pandemic gives us opportunity to transform education

American schools are in crisis – addled by pandemic shutdowns and growing controversies over curriculum, masks and vaccines. Many students suffered severe learning loss, and others fret for their health and safety on campus.

Worse, well before coronavirus took hold, too many students were ill-served by our K-12 school system.

As John F. Kennedy said in 1959 of the challenges facing the nation, crisis represents both danger and opportunity. So too does this moment of peril afford – and truly require – us to treat the problem as a chance to transform our schools.

If we take the moment of danger seriously, and implement real change, the disruption and damage done over the past 20 months will yield the transformation our schools desperately need.

The way we deliver education in America has barely changed in over a century. And the rigid adherence to a one-size-fits-all model of schooling has failed our students and our nation.