The corporate media appears to be launching a full-scale war on one of American families’ greatest weapons against the left-wing education cartel: homeschooling. For decades, the left has viewed the American education system as a primary tool with which to indoctrinate generations of children with their own political propaganda and […]

An unnecessary — but invaluable and highly encouraged — experience of being an Auburn student is studying abroad. I am currently in the midst of an incredible opportunity: taking an entire semester abroad to be an exchange student in Spain.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in Auburn and love […]

Updated at 4:48 p.m. Rural areas of the state, such as the Northeast Kingdom, stand to gain the most from a law that changed the way students are counted for the statewide education fund, according to new Agency of Education data presented to lawmakers earlier this month.  For school districts […]

A tidal wave of discontent is beginning to wash over American education. DALL-E – generated by Brandon Busteed There is a growing discontent with American education. You can sense it swelling like a big wave, evidenced in a mix of troubling stats and trends from waning public perceptions of education […]

In 2014, Trisha Moller met with fellow Bethlehem parents at the local Wegmans to discuss public education policy. Now, 10 years later, the group has been to Harrisburg multiple times to push for fair education funding in Bethlehem Area School District and across Pennsylvania. “I think this group is opening […]

Nevada’s higher education system wants to use an executive placement firm to choose an acting president who’ll lead College of Southern Nevada for a year. The Nevada Board of Regents heard an information-only presentation during a meeting Friday. Current CSN President Federico Zaragoza is stepping down at the end of […]