Oklahoma Doctors Address Confusion On Science Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Oklahoma doctors are clearing up some confusion about the COVID-19 vaccines and the science behind them.

On Thursday, our parent company Griffin Communications along with the Science Museum of Oklahoma, held a roundtable to discuss it.

The roundtable featured experts on the vaccine and gave Oklahomans a chance to ask any question they wanted. The goal was to give as many facts as possible to allow people to make informed decisions.

The roundtable featured OU’s Dr. Dale Bratzler, Dr. David Chansolme from Integris Health and Carlos Blanco, the CEO of Lynn Health Science Institute.

The group discussed the development of the vaccines, their use of MRNA technology and how the body’s immune system works once you’re given the shot.

The doctors say both doses are about 95 percent effective and they said it’s important you remember which vaccine you received for your first shot so the second one is effective.

The roundtable also received dozens of questions from viewers.

Some were wondering about the vaccines’ effects on fertility. Doctors said there are no known concerns and most OBGYN’s are recommending the shots.

Others asked about side effects, which doctors say are minor and more likely after your second shot.

“The message from us, is if you have the chance to get vaccinated, get vaccinated,” said Blanco. “If you have relatives that are concerned about getting vaccinated. Make them informed, help them be informed so they can make the right choice to get vaccinated.”

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