New project at Springfield-Branson National Airport brings more jobs

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Thanks to a new project at the Springfield-Branson National Airport, more jobs are on the way.

In a partnership with American Airlines, the airport is building a new airline maintenance base.

The partners involved say this will bring new jobs that attract and keep workers and some employees will come from aviation training programs around the state.

Director Brian Weiler says the Springfield-Branson National Airport has had a hangar for about 15 years.

“We were at risk of losing that because the current facility they were operating from was just too small,” Weiler said. “We’re getting larger and larger aircraft in this market. They weren’t able to fit into the old hanger.”

Envoy Air — which American Airlines owns — plans to move into a new and bigger maintenance facility at the airport.

“It means that we get to keep around at least 80 good-paying jobs with a lot of potential for growth down the road,” Weiler said. “This new hangar is going to give them the capability to keep those jobs and expand maintenance operations.”

The $11,000,000 project will have a 55,000 square foot base with shops, part storage and crew training areas.

“It is big news for our region and we’re excited to be able to announce it,” Weiler said. “Big opportunity for people wanting to get into aviation.”

“They’re hiring for a variety of positions, but most of them will be positions that people would need additional training for, “Alex Greiwe with the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce said. “And they’re high quality, above county average wage jobs.”

Greiwe is a partner in this project, and he says Envoy will want to hire mechanics.

“While there is not a training program for that type of position here, we’re hoping that this type of investment from American brings other jobs, other investment from additional carriers to demonstrate a wide enough employment base that other programs would want to come to this market to have that type of training available,” Greiwe said.

Envoy will also look for inventory control clerks and management and support staff.

Weiler expects the base to be finished by the end of this year.

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