My name is Gigi Gerstenberger. I’m an Community…

My name is Gigi Gerstenberger. I’m an Community Representative living in Sharon Township but my territory covers 120 miles. I want to share with you the need for host families in the 2021/2022 school year. For 40 years, Ayusa has brought over 40,000 high school students to the US. I am working to build awareness of the program and find families interested in hearing the details. If you are interested or could share a flyer, blurb or social media post in your workplace, church or groups of any kind, neighborhood pages, community…until I am able to network in person post Covid, it would be greatly appreciated. We have hundreds of students needing a host family next fall. This is a life changing experience for both sides. I have been both an exchange student and hosted students. Let’s talk!!

KEY FACTS: Families have no legal liability for student. Students have their own health insurance and spending money for personal items, sports, expenses. etc. Students are matched to a family based on criteria like religion, diet, personality, interests and more. Families can be traditional, gay/lesbian, elderly, single parents with or without kids or single adults (single adults have to host two students). The home just needs to be supportive, safe and provide food for three meals a day. Let them prepare their traditional dishes for you! 🙂 Hosting is truly is open to everyone.

These young adults must test at a certain level of English fluency, they are good students and members in their community. They are willing to leave their families, friends and comfort zones for 5 to 10 months to learn about YOUR America. Your lifestyle, culture, traditions and family. We work very hard to find a great fit for your family regardless of your family dynamic. These young adults are willing to open their hearts and do an exchange to improve their language skills, understanding of different views, cultures, traditions and believe this will positively impact their future lives.

Open your heart and host a student in the 2021/2022 school year and I assure you, your family will be changed in the same way. Contact me today for flyers/info to share or to hear more. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂
Gigi Gerstenberger || Community Representative Direct: 248.425.8902Email: [email protected] Website:

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