Mum’s clever tip for homeschooling children ‘with no stress’ divides parents

A mum has come up with a clever tip that might just make homeschooling easier.

With today’s announcement from Nicola Sturgeon that schools will definitely be closed until at least February, one savvy mum has come up with a way to ensure your kids stick to their learning at home.

According to the mum, placing an old video recorder in front of the child as they do their school work, telling them their teacher is watching, works a treat.

The mum’s handy homeschooling tip got tongues wagging

The mum shared her inventive idea to the Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas page, saying: “I have an idea for unwilling and unmotivated children who dislike homeschooling.

“I don’t know about you, but I have a 6 year old son and homeschooling in the first lockdown was a bloody nightmare!

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“This time, I decided to dig out my old video recorder and I will sit it (turned off and facing him) on the table opposite his desk where he does his school work.

“I told him that his teacher will be watching him through the camera to make sure he is doing his work.

“My son is so gullible that he would believe me and he wouldn’t want to get told off by the teacher so he said he will make sure he’ll be good and do the work.

“Let’s hope it works or I’ll be going grey before we reach next term! What are your homeschooling hacks/tips/tricks?”

This top tip is said to help with homeschooling kids

But the mum’s idea wasn’t welcomed by everyone, with some parents accusing her of instilling fear into her kids.

One said: “That’s equally as bad as telling kids the police will come and get them if they’re naughty or that Santa is always watching them. Homeschooling is hard but it shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment. Education is not a punishment.”

Another added: “Honestly to keep it fun and relaxed. Forcing them to do it creates a negative experience, there’s enough sh*t to deal with atm.”

However others hailed the idea as ‘sheer brilliance’. One said: “Great idea! You’ve probably just saved us all a lot of stress!”

Another said: “Where have you been all my life this is sheer brilliance!”

“Brilliant idea! Homeschooling is hell…I totally agree that schools should be shut at the minute especially as I’m in tier 4 but there is so much pressure to keep the kids ‘up- to- date’ is fine when there are live lessons but with both my husband and myself working it’s hard….Though without homeschooling there would be too much gaming in this household!” added another.

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