Mum at wit’s end shares emotional message about ‘f***ing hideous’ homeschooling

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused much heartbreak and frustration for people all around the world.

We’ve been unable to see our loved ones for months, forced to stay at home and many have unfortunately lost work opportunities and money because of it.

One mum is really feeling the pressure of this third lockdown in Britain and has taken to Mumsnet to vent her feelings and ask fellow parents for a little advice on her current situation.

In an emotional post on the parenting forum, the unnamed woman confessed that she’s had enough of this situation and is finding working from home and homeschooling her children “f***ing hideous”.

She asked if she would be “unreasonable” to “abandon attempts to homeschool” her two kids, who are aged 10 and under.

Her post read: “I’ve had enough.

“The learning grids, the links, two kids fighting for space on a small desk, tech problems, my own work brushed aside.

“Live in a flat – the woman underneath moaning about the noise. It’s absolutely f***ing impossible.”

A woman sat at a laptop, looking stressed, with her fingers either side of her temples
Her own work has suffered during lockdown (stock photo)

She continued to say: “I want to leave them to it – they can read, play, fight, raid the fridge, set fire to the house. I just don’t care anymore.

“This is f***ing hideous.”

More than 140 people responded to the mum’s post, sharing their thoughts and leaving supportive messages, reminding her she’s doing her best.

One person replied: “I don’t blame you. Just do what you can. I would expect the 10-year-old to be semi self-sufficient.

“I picked up a small desk second hand for pennies – could you do the same so they can at least be in different rooms?”

Another said: “Chuck in the home learning, fine, but unfortunately I do think it’s on you to give them some other structure if you possibly can.”

A third wrote: “Honestly, don’t worry about it. Get them to play a game, watch some CBBC (they’re doing educational shows at the moment and free accompanying worksheets on Twinkl), documentaries, art tutorials, reading.. anything that’s semi-educational and will keep them occupied and quiet.

“I’m sure their teacher won’t mind, as long as they’re doing something. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and expecting parents to teach multiple kids who will be frustrated and worried, whilst also trying to do their own work, isn’t always feasible. Don’t be hard on yourself.”

Someone else added: “Oh I feel this today, I really do.

“Trying to get my six and 10-year-old to focus on some maths this morning. 10 year old will not calm down, kept jiggling around making noises like a donkey having a psychotic break and constantly antagonising his brother. I had to leave them to it for a while as I was definitely feeling a bit…. homicidal at one point.

“Then I took a closer look at the maths my 10-year-old was being asked to do. Dividing by 17 anyone? Just painful.”

What would you advise the mum to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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