Miitopia Guide: How to Unlock the Vampire and Elf Jobs

Miitopia has two secret jobs that are discovered after defeating the Dark Lord. Here’s where these two classes can be found and how they’re unlocked.

Miitopia doesn’t have too many secrets, with most of the game’s content being unlocked just by progressing through the main story. Classes, outfits, weapons and food items are all found pretty easily through normal gameplay. However, like any good RPG, there are a few secret classes that players can unlock. These jobs will have players take on some of Miitopia‘s toughest dungeons, including what may be the game’s hardest boss.

The two secret classes in Miitopia are the Vampire and Elf jobs. The Vampire job can actually be unlocked a bit earlier than the Elf job and, going off of the original Nintendo 3DS version of the game, is far more effective. Both will require players to have beaten the main story and have unlocked the Travelers’ Hub post-game area. These two jobs can technically be unlocked in any order, though the Vampire becomes available earlier than the Elf.

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How to Unlock Miitopia’s Vampire Job

To start out, the Vampire class will require players to track down a Vampire NPC Mii that has a chance to appear and offer a quest. Said quest will take the player to a location called the Manor Macabre.  Players will want to progress to the end of this dungeon and fight the boss called the Pop-up Puppet. This should reward players with the Bat Charm, allowing them permanent access to the Vampire job.

The Manor Macabre is fairly challenging and is filled with enemies that can inflict status effects on the player’s party. The Bat Charm quest will actually feature a unique set of enemies compared to later visits to Manor Macabre that are slightly on the easier side. The boss of the Bat Charm quest, the Pop-up Puppet, can deal damage to multiple targets and even stun a Mii by making them frozen in a puppet-like pose.

How to Unlock Miitopia’s Elf Job

The Elf job is a little harder to unlock as it requires players to take on one of Miitopia‘s more difficult regions. Galados Isle is one of two new regions that are unlocked in Miitopia‘s post-game. The reward for clearing it is the Elf charm which grants players permanent access to the Elf class. This job has a similar set of abilities as the Fab Faries that players encounter earlier in the main story.

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The final region in Galados Isle is the Uncharted Galados, an extremely difficult jungle-themed environment filled with some of Miitopia‘s toughest enemies. The final boss of the Uncharted Galados is the Replica Dark Lord which is effectively a repeat battle against the Dark Lord that’s been buffed to the player’s current level. The Miitopia fan wiki recommends that players have a 30+ level party with around 200 HP per party member, which should offer an idea as to how powerful the enemies are here.

The reward for defeating the Replica Dark Lord is the Elf job, an all-purpose job that can do a little bit of everything that the other jobs can do. This is a fairly effective class, though it does suffer by not having the same specialization that other jobs have. It is actually a bit of an underwhelming reward for clearing just a difficult location, though it is possible that the Elf has been buffed in Miitopia‘s Switch remake.

So far, the Elf and the Vampire are the only two secret jobs in Miitopia, though more may be added in the future via updates or DLC. Unlocking them is certainly a challenge for players, with the Replica Dark Lord being one of the harder boss fights in the game. However, both classes are a nice incentive to explore further into Miitopia‘s post-game content.

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