Local students earn honors at UNCP

PEMBROKE – The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has released the Chancellor’s list and Honors list for Fall 2020.

The Scotland County and Maxton students are listed below.

Chancellor’s List: To qualify for the Honor’s List, a student must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.7 (out of 4.0) while taking at least 12 semester hours; none of the 12 hours may be pass/fail.

— Maxton: Mackenzie Dukes, Lauren Graham, Jalanda Jones, Ariana Locklear, Kyra Locklear, Morgan Locklear, Passion Locklear, Sonia Locklear, William Oxendine, Holly Thompson, Donovan McDowell, Chesley Oxendine, Halona Sanderson

— Laurel Hill: Chandler Allred, Cassidy Buffington, Hannah Gilliland, Allyson Lane, Christiane Locklear, Victoria Norton, Dylan Williams

— Laurinburg: Haden Allen, Destini Bullard, Misty Bullard, Pariyakorn Chuisakun, Cutter Eaves, Minh Huy Giang, James Graham, Jennifer Haddock, Sara Jorgensen, Brittany Leviner, Nakiya Locklear, Julie Lowery, Olivia McCoy, Jahnita Melvin, Richard Orvin, Tallas Oxendine, Tam Phan, David Pittman, Hanna Smith, Madison Smith

— Wagram: Hailey Morrison, John Ware

Honors List: Students are eligible for the Honors List if they achieve a minimum semester grade point average of 3.2 while passing at least 12 semester hours of course work; none of the 12 hours may be pass/fail.

— Maxton: Holden Blue, Jordan Brashears, Christopher Collins, Katelyn Culbreth, Taylor Cummings, Tony Cummings, Jamison Deese, Cody Edwards, Justin Jacobs, Caleb Locklear, Chandler Locklear, Ethan Locklear, Hunter Locklear, Olivia Locklear, Roshawnda McLaughlin, Atoria Oxendine, Cadence Oxendine, Colton Oxendine, Jalen Oxendine, Katina Oxendine, Victoria Revels, Brock Woods, Jarrett Yanick, Justin Locklear

— Gibson: Leonard Dixon, Alexis Strong

— Laurel Hill: Alexis high, Austin Outlaw, Adreanna Sanders, Demetrious Vasquez

— Laurinburg: Joya Campbell, Benny Dimery, Maite Easterling, David Gause, Allen Griggs, Abby Hamlet, Madison Haywood, Brandon Hodge, Kristen Hunt, Sierra Johnson, John Jorgensen, Jordan Locklear, Christian Martin, Andrew Nemeth, Michael Nor, Adam Phillips, Zachary Phillips, April Quick, Justin Ray, Chloe Strickland, Margaret Taylor, Timothy White

— Wagram: Melissa Gainey, Kayleigh Locklear, Keith Stephens

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