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Response to local satirist: My view of the un-plucked and plucked turkey scenario is drastically different.

Let’s say for discussion’s sake the un-plucked turkey represents 98{c25493dcd731343503a084f08c3848bd69f9f2f05db01633325a3fd40d9cc7a1} of votes cast on Nov. 3. That would leave 2{c25493dcd731343503a084f08c3848bd69f9f2f05db01633325a3fd40d9cc7a1} of the votes cast as fraudulent. The total votes cast is in the vicinity of 154 million. So 2{c25493dcd731343503a084f08c3848bd69f9f2f05db01633325a3fd40d9cc7a1} would equal just about 3.1 million illegally cast votes, more than enough to affect the final outcome.

It only took one fraudulently cast vote to override my legally cast vote as a citizen. No one that believes in our system of electing our government should be OK with this. I see the need for slight changes in our system to put an end to this. One would be to make Election Day just that — a 24-hour period from 12:01 a.m. to 12 midnight. This would make it possible for every legal citizen to cast an in-person ballot at their local voting location.

In regards to nursing and assisted living homes, or handicapped persons that are physically unable to vote in person, it would require a minimum of three people — an election official with ballots and one each Republican and Democratic observers to verify the identity of the voter and oversee the process.

Second, this will upset some as an infringement upon their constitutionally protected rights but is necessary to almost guarantee zero fraud, and will end the voter ID disenfranchisement cry, as we were all given eyes, fingerprints and other distinguishing features at birth.

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