Letter: My precautions are based on science and faith, not fear

An extended family member made the assumption that fear is what motivates my family to follow the COVID-19 health guidelines. I would like to clarify that our actions are motivated not by fear, but rather by a desire to be obedient. Our obedience is not blind obedience. I have carefully researched the current safety recommendations from the CDC and from the state of Utah, including the scientific knowledge behind the guidelines. Based on this careful and extensive research, our family has chosen to follow the recommended guidelines as a civic duty to do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Our decision to follow COVID-19 guidelines is also one of faith. We follow the guidance of our prophet and apostles because we believe them to be led by God. Elder Gary E. Stevenson in October General Conference succinctly restated the First Presidency’s pledge that “the Church and its members will faithfully exhibit our commitment to being good citizens and good neighbors” and will “use an abundance of caution.”

Specific guidelines that our family has adopted include:

  1. Wearing a face mask anytime we are in close proximity with anyone outside of our family at school, work, public settings, vehicles and even in our own home when those outside of our family are present.
  2. Only attending events where everyone attending has agreed to follow the recommended guidelines.
  3. A conscious effort to wash hands/use hand sanitizer
  4. Staying home when sick, even if tested negative for COVID.

I hope that each of us will educate ourselves on COVID-19 guidelines and the science behind them and that we will take action to keep ourselves and those around us safe.

Crystal Kearl


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