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Dear friends,

Hi, my name is Nataly Najera Murillo and I am Worthington’s 2022-2023 Worthington-Crailsheim Exchange Student. It’s been three months and there’s a lot to cover so let’s get started.

First, I want to talk about the weather. Recently it’s been pretty chilly outside and I’d say the weather is similar to Worthington as in late October and early November it starts to get cold outside. I’m really enjoying the weather and fall is very pretty in Germany, especially in the bigger cities.

One of the fun activities I’ve done this month is go to the Hammeltanzt, which was on the 16th and 17th of October. Hammeltanzt is a Festival in the village of Onolzheim. At this festival there’s a big parade and the people of this town come up with different themed entries to put in the parade to make a big creative parade. Afterwards there’s a “competition” where couples participate and the couple holding a sword after the bell rings will have to pay for a meal for the whole town to eat. I really enjoyed this as everything was fun and interesting to watch.

Toulouse, France

Nataly Najera Murillo captured this image while touring through Toulouse, France.

Another amazing thing I got to do was go to Pamiers, France with the TSV Sport Club for a week. Pamiers is another sister city of Crailsheim. This was a new experience for me as it was my first time in France. Pamiers is a lovely town close to the border of France and Spain. I also got to visit other cities close by, like Mirepoix and Toulouse. The weather was wonderful since it was still a little warm. That week was very fun for me as I got to try different sports such as soccer, tennis, rock climbing, handball and other sports. I also enjoyed it because many people living in Pamiers also spoke Spanish, so it was easy for me to communicate with others and I also learned a little French.

I also got to see the different culture in France when I was staying with my host family. At dinner they have four “courses”. First being appetizers like some nuts or mini sausages. Then the second, which was something light like some soup or bread. The third was a main dish. After the main dish you eat a snack like fruit or yogurt. I really enjoyed the food there, especially the pastries.

I’ve been having an amazing time here and I’m really excited and looking forward to Christmas time here in Germany! I’m grateful for everyone’s good wishes and support! Thank you to everyone supporting me and this wonderful opportunity!

Nataly Najera Murillo

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