Is M.Div. Just for Pastors?

It is a common myth that the master of divinity degree is just for pastors. Based on this, if a person wants to hold off on pursuing the degree, then they shouldn’t let it stand in their way. On the contrary, online seminary degrees are not just for the pastors of traditional churches.

Is M.Div. Just for Pastors?

Some students come from an academic perspective. They tend to enjoy studying scriptures and theology while having an interest in teaching the same to other people. One may also find another category of students who pursue the seminary degree just because they want other people to experience the almighty’s transformational power for themselves.

If an individual is interested in working towards a seminary degree, they must look for this traditional career path that could be pursued upon graduation.

Creative art

One can use various artistic talents in ministry pursuits while keeping the gospel out of the vision. Some people use their talent to engage others in social issues. It helps to foster a broad sense of community. If people are not coming to the church, these talented people must bring the church to these people.


It is one of the most common non-traditional jobs where one may require a seminary degree. The hospitals, military branches, sports teams, and police departments recruit chaplains to minister to the religious and spiritual needs of the organization. However, these positions tend to focus on pastoral care. Therefore, it works for people who have the affinity to assist others. These people are not likely interested in the traditional role of the church.

Parachurch ministries

One can take up the post of parachurch ministry after gaining a seminary degree. One may find a great variety of ministers outside the local churches. These ministries happen to focus on various issues that are specific to society in broader terms. As they have their own terms with the local churches, they work with these churches regularly.

These ministries come up with a need for personnel who have online seminary degrees and understand the unique challenges related to the church. As a person games, such a day becomes more experienced in the different works related to the theological framework. If someone has a passion for any group of people, then the degree may provide an ideal opportunity.

Non-traditional churches

Some individuals believe that God is leading them toward the local church ministry. But on the other hand, these individuals do not want to serve the people in any traditional church environment. In such a situation, they may find various churches in unique venues that may be a better fit for such individuals.


The jobs in divinity require a master’s degree. This master’s degree is the stepping stone to the assumption of pastoral duties, ministry, equipping any individual to lead a church, para-church organization, and many more. However, if a student wants to gain an online seminary degree in theology, it would act as a step toward pursuing the specific study of scripture and a doctoral theology degree.

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