Homeschooling tips for Hampstead and Highgate parents

Parents now find themselves trying hard to juggle work and homeschooling again. Being a full-time educator as well as working from home isn’t realistic.

Parents should try their best to provide support, encouragement and guidance. However, it’s key to bear in mind no one expects them to be full-time teachers.

I would like to share practical suggestions with you, parents from Hampstead and Highgate area, to best manage homeschooling during this third lockdown.

Your day at home will certainly benefit from some predictability and it is therefore crucial to be organised and plan ahead.

You may need to rearrange your work schedule to supervise and support your child’s learning.

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Be realistic about the work responsibilities and homeschooling balance you can achieve with your kid at home.

Structure is the key to survival during lockdown. Establish routines that work for your family including getting dressed in the morning, having specific meal times and bedtime. Be consistent and stick to them.

It’s essential to set up a dedicated workspace area for your child. Make sure it’s free from distractions and has a good internet connection. Organise it with the needed learning material and stationery kit.

I advise you to spend some time every evening to prepare for the next day by looking at the distance learning timetable, sharpening the pencils, printing worksheets, charging your devices, and checking assignments due dates.

We tend to forget how tiring homeschool days are for children. The key to help them is to make the most out of breaks. Breaks are essential to unwind, relax and disconnect. Your child should have a snack and enjoy their off-screen time to read a book, play or do quick workouts such as jogging high knees or jumping jacks.

Finally, give your child something to look forward to in order to keep them motivated. Make a list of fun outings to reward them after they’ve completed all their assignments for the day. Why not breathing fresh air in Hampstead Heath, having a ride on their bike or enjoying the panoramic views from Parliament Hill?

You’ve been homeschooling before; with these practical tips, you can do it again!

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