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By: Kate McIntosh, age 13

There’s so much to think about at home! Even when it seems boring, there are still math problems to calculate, new music to learn, and extra things like a speech class we are doing through CHEPC, our homeschool group, to make normal life a little more exciting! Company coming over and visiting my older siblings is fun. And so, here are the things our family does.

A typical lesson day is easier for younger people, but it gets harder as you get older. At 6 in the morning, we get up and exercise, and afterward, settle down and read our Bibles. Then some of the schoolwork I do is algebra (which is not necessarily easy, although I can’t say that it’s boring), an hour of music practice, grammar, writing, biology, Spanish, and read a good book for half an hour. Cara and I have chores such as laundry and drying the dishes. We also take out the trash and get the mail. But cleaning day, well, that’s another story.

But then sometimes we have company! Occasionally people will come over and maybe stay a night or two, such as when my sister Hannah’s family comes, because they live so far away. We have people over more often when someone is courting or engaged, and when Joy, who is practically the most extroverted person in our family, is at home. She and our cousins came last week for Thanksgiving!

Homeschooling is also more flexible than other things because when we need to go somewhere, my mom can say that we have no lessons that day! We also sometimes do them in the car, but we get to cancel the ones we can’t do! In the winter when it’s snowy and cold Mom might possibly cancel the lessons so we can go outside and play! That’s what we call a snow day!

Every once in a while special things happen! Joy graduated high school this year, and a lot of people came. Last year we had two weddings. Three of my siblings are married now, and two of them already have kids. When there is a new baby, my parents can’t wait until they can go see him or her! We can’t either!

So you see, the things that we do aren’t boring. On lesson days, we do important things, and when we have company, we sure do have fun! Then there are graduations and weddings, which we love! But for now, I guess we don’t have any way of knowing the things that could happen next!

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