Homeschooling a growing option in Marion County

Apart from the traditional classroom setting, a burgeoning group of homeschooled students has been learning in Marion County.

Across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a spike in homeschooling for families that were concerned for safety or disagreed with policies. Local experts say this has been consistent in Marion County and central Ohio, adding to the already growing number of families that have chosen to home educate for various reasons.

Terra Hadden is a Marion County mom who chose to home educate 11 years ago. Although it wasn’t what the family had planned, she said things fell into place and it’s a great fit for how both her kids, a high school graduate and a current elementary-aged student, learned.

“I’m able to give them opportunities and experiences the classroom can’t necessarily handle because we can really tailor their individual interests and needs to how they learn and really make the most of opportunities when they’re at home, so we’ve really enjoyed doing that and being able to have good conversations and spend time together,” Hadden said.

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