Greene County Sheriff’s Office hiring for dozens of jobs at new jail

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) – The new Greene County jail is short on officers. And dozens of jobs need to be filled.

Deputy Paige Rippee with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said the jail has 56 vacancies, from detention officers to counselors.

A newly hired detention officer, Harold Loftis, with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, explains the importance of his day-to-day job.

“Just watching that change in them, even if it’s just a jail and not a prison, the opportunity to help them get their life back on track,” said Officer Loftis.

Officer Loftis said you could help change lives if you work at the new jail.

“Sometimes they don’t have a good home life, both as a child or an adult, even though we’re detention officers and guards, sometimes we’re the first person that’s actually kind to them,” said Officer Loftis.

Officer Loftis joined the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in early July. He knew someone who had already worked there. Officer Loftis believes his military background is helpful.

“They figured I’d be a good fit,” said Officer Loftis. “Came applied and went through the process pretty quick, pretty smooth.”

Deputy Rippee said you could be fully hired in under five weeks. You then attend a jail academy, where they teach you everything you need to know.

“Stress levels are lower; it’s safer for the officers,” said Deputy Rippee. “They’re not dealing with 120 to 130 inmates alone.”

Deputy Rippee said officers now deal with 56 inmates at a time and don’t always have to be next to them.

“We’re hiring at 18 years old, and not only that, you can make almost $50,000 as an 18-year-old, and you don’t get that at some places,” said Deputy Rippee.

Deputy Rippee explains the new jail, which houses over 1,200 inmates, is at full working capacity despite the shortages, and the safety of the inmates is crucial.

“Focus is safety and security of the inmates always,” said Deputy Rippee. “Sometimes they don’t like that, so it’s just a type of environment. Is this your typical job? No, it’s not.”

Deputy Rippee said jobs inside the jail are for people who want something out of the ordinary with new experiences, and that is exactly why Officer Loftis said he took this role.

“It’s only right that I go and give back,” said Officer Loftis. “It’s amazing. We’ve got guys that will come in here, and from the word go, they’ll be fighting. Over time, they’ll start to improve themselves.”

If you want to come in and apply at the jail, every Thursday, it has open testing from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you pass, you will get an interview immediately.

CLICK HERE to apply online.

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