Green Bay Online School to include sixth grade in the fall semester

GREEN BAY – Green Bay’s Online School still has a pretty generic name, but efforts are underway to change that before it expands its teaching to include sixth-graders for the next school year. 

Many students have seen accelerated academic growth in the school’s first year, principal Adam Gloudemans told members of the Green Bay School Board Monday. While official numbers have yet to be released, half of the first-grade class has had two-year academic growth during the school year, Gloudemans said.

The school’s enrollment is about 140 students in 4K through fifth grade, with teachers located at Lincoln Elementary School, where they teach from instructional studios. 

While more online programs are becoming available at the elementary level, they tend to follow the same routine of a normal school day. That’s not the case in Green Bay. 

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Local Ukraine exchange student describes how war has impacted her

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