German foreign exchange student spends part of year at Grovetown High

In a year that’s been difficult for travel, foreign exchange student Nina Steiner, 17, made the trip of a lifetime that could change her life forever.

Steiner, who attends school at Bertha-von-Suttner Gesamtschule in Germany, spent the spring semester at Grovetown High School.

During her time in the U.S., Steiner had the opportunity to explore the Augusta area and attend the Columbia County Fair with her new best friend, Sam Lewis, who also attends Grovetown. The pair also took a trip to Tennessee.

Steiner has been trying American foods and restaurants including two of her new favorites – Sour Patch Kids and Taco Bell.

“We don’t have those in Germany,” she said with a laugh.

She also said school structure is different from her school in Germany where students take 12 classes per year instead of seven, although the schedule alternates throughout the week so she does not attend 12 classes in one day. Each class is 67½ minutes long and students do not have the option of electives. German schools, she said, also do not have sports but students do play in club sports similar to a parks and recreation league. While attending Grovetown, Steiner played on the soccer team.

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