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Foreign exchange students settling in Huntsville | News

Huntsville High School teacher Heather Schroeder conducted the Foreign Exchange and Friends club’s first meeting last week. The event covered the introduction of new foreign students who, in addition to being warmly welcomed by some H students, were also encouraged to exchange social media while enjoying a delicious snack.

As a teacher, Schroeder wants to be a contact point on the Huntsville High campus for every foreign exchange student, in case they ever need anything or have questions. She also grants that the Foreign Exchange and Friends Club is all about networking.

“I started the club, because I always have a close relationship with my exchange students, and I always feel bad for them being dropped into a new country and school and having to find their way all alone,” Schroeder said. “I want them to have a friendly face on day 1, to sit with someone during lunch and get connected immediately with current students.”

Schroeder hosted an exchange student last year in her home and has a son studying in Spain for two years.

One of Schroeder’s goal for the future is to provide a partner for each foreign exchange student.

“I see that our own students at Huntsville High are really interested in meeting these kids and learning about them, but it can be intimidating to approach each other and break down that initial barrier,” said Schroeder, who also believes that creating a club for foreign students helped ease the transition into a new school and culture.

Clara Giro Marin is an exchange student from Spain.

During her free time, she enjoys activities such as reading and playing the violin. Even though her journey to America was no less than compromising, she thinks of her country as an artistic place to visit. Giron said

“I live in a city between the south of Spain, which is between Andalusia and Portugal. We got a port and it’s very visited by tourists”

However, Clara opted to spend a year in the U.S.

“I was surprised when I realized that the students are the ones constantly changing classrooms,” she said of the differences she noticed. “In Spain, it is the opposite, which to me means that making friends in the US is a little bit difficult.”

Yi Sian Kuo is also an exchange student from Taiwan, looking forward to experiencing the Hornet spirit in Huntsville. As a HHS student, Sian Kuo is surprised by the diversity of class courses and clubs the school has to offer.

“What I love about Huntsville is that people are really easy to talk to,” Kuo said.

Kuo’s expectation as a foreign student is to enjoy the many activities and meals Huntsville has to offer during her journey in the so-called Hornet territory.