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Families find ‘depth, beauty’ as they incorporate faith into homeschooling

Faith has always been a foundational part of the Johnson family’s day. Before the pandemic, they got ready for work and school while listening to spiritual music that was upbeat and provided a strong message to get them in the right headspace for the day.

After COVID-19 swept across Louisiana, Furnell and Monica Johnson decided to keep their youngest children home rather than send them to a busy school building. With Monica working from home, too, she could serve as “learning coach” for her two elementary-age daughters as they took classes through Lafayette Online Academy.

“It’s work,” Monica admits. “I appreciate it, because we’re able to get school done. But it’s hands-on for everybody.”

The oldest two of their five children are done with school and living at home, so they’ve been pitching in to help their siblings, their mom said.

Rush and Reece Richardson complete their school work at home. Their family chooses homeschooling and has found it a good way to incorporate their faith into the daily routine.

Every day they gather at the same table with Monica, a nurse, completing charts online and Jadon, Mariah and Monae doing their schoolwork next to her. But before they dive into their classes or work, they dig into a devotional as a family.

“We wake up and do our spiritual routine,” Monica said. “We’re reading a book called ‘Learn From The Great Teacher.’ We can start the day off right, get their mind right. (Homeschooling) has allowed us to do more reading.”