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Hello friends,

This is Anica Bös, the Crailsheim Student Representative here in Worthington. It’s been another month in America and I’m here to inform you what’s new in my life!

This month I had to leave my first host family, the Hennings. Before I switched, of course, a lot happened. They gave me the chance to go to a Minnesota Vikings football game for the first time. This was a completely new experience, as I had never been in such a big stadium before. The whole experience was incredible! What stuck out to me the most is the National Anthem. I think because it plays a very important role, especially at all public events. This is cool to me because it’s very different from what we have in Germany.

Another experience that I got to enjoy was my first ever Thanksgiving. We ate a lot of great food, my favorite was the apple crumble. We also played a lot of different games and just spent quality time together. Unfortunately, this was my last day with the Hennings family.

On Nov. 27, I moved into the Thier family home. They have six members of their family: Mark, Maria, Maranda, Marisa, Mara and Marik. It was a little bit difficult at the beginning because the whole family was suffering from illnesses, but got better relatively quickly.

On my first weekend at the Thier family we spent the weekend in the cities. There, I got to go to my second Vikings football game. We also went to the Mall of America, which was the first time for me. I am still surprised at how big the mall is. It even had an amusement park in the middle of the mall. I also got to meet some of the Thiers extended family, they were all so sweet!

This month I got to see a glimpse of a Minnesota winter. It is already too cold for me and there’s too much snow. It never gets this cold in Germany. This week I also drove a snowmobile for the first time in my life. We also went sledding behind the snowmobile. Mara was driving and I’ve never been so scared as Marisa, Marik and I were flying all around! We also had our first E-Learning day, because it was too icy to drive on the roads.

Well that’s it for now and I’m looking forward to writing you my next letter because a lot is planned: Christmas without my family and with my new host family, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas break from school. There’s lots of exciting things coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who supports this exchange program and who have made all of these wonderful experiences possible!

Anica Bös
2022-23 Crailsheim-Worthington Student Representative

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