Dr David Coleman: Parents need to be realistic about homeschooling. If you can only carve out an hour a day, that’s enough

What a challenging start to 2021 for parents and children. Nobody was happy with last week’s announcement that schools would resume, but not physically reopen, this week. We had already adjusted to the longer Christmas holidays, cobbling together some kind of childcare arrangements for last week, but now we face at least three weeks of supporting our children’s education from home again.

All parents need to be realistic about what they can achieve when it comes to educating their children at home. I think we also need to be kind to ourselves. Even looking at the speed of change that occurred at the end of last week as decisions about Leaving Cert students and special education students attending school were reversed reminds us how flexible and adaptive we must be. In those kinds of circumstances, just getting everyone up and dressed and cared for every day might be an achievement.

Maybe you are still aiming for your own A-grade, or H1 in uber-parenting, where you can be all things to all people. But maybe passing is enough. Just getting through the next three weeks without your relationships with your children breaking down in a series of tantrums, tirades and tears, seems to me to be achievement enough.

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