Delta County high schools return to in person learning

DELTA COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) – Delta County Schools started in person learning after the winter break. The 2020/2021 school year has brought several changes to schools like new mask and social distancing procedures and online or hybrid classes.

“There’s a big difference from learning online than in person and I know each student has their preference but it’s an interesting year,” said Calvin Thibault, a senior at Gladstone High School.

“It’s a lot different because of the hybrid and there’s a lot of kids that are permanently staying home for the rest of the year but it’s nice to be back, it’s nice to be with the teachers,” said Abigail Rexford, a junior at Escanaba High School.

But Monday, those students were back in the classroom.

“It’s nice to see kids back and see the liveliness in the hallways again because it just gets lonely around here without them,” said Jessica Garber, Assistant Principal at Escanaba High School.

It’s been nearly two months since students at Escanaba High School sat at an actual desk in front of a live teacher. Students say they’re thankful to be back in their classrooms with those teachers and their friends.

“Last year and the year before we would so close and talking to each other and being all up next to each other at our lockers and now we’re just kind of distant,” said Rexford.

But Gladstone High School went back to school for two days before the break to make sure each student had the tools to continue learning.

“It was nice to be able to make sure they got everything they needed, and they got that done before our semester ends,” said Andrew Jacques, Principal at Gladstone High School.

Now, everyone is hopeful for a semi normal rest of the year.

“To be able to have sports and activities throughout this winter and this spring and just to be able to have a great end of the year for our seniors and for the rest of our students,” said Jacques.

“I know a couple of students have left to go online just cause they’re not in the mood, but I think spirits will rise as we become in person more,” said Thibault.

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