COVID vaccine wasn’t only amazing discovery 2020: A year in science

In 2020, incredible scientific discoveries didn’t stop because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First and foremost was the phenomenal work done by scientists to study the disease and develop vaccines in record time to put the brakes on the global pandemic. It was a truly Herculean and remarkable effort by literally thousands of scientists around the world.

Otherwise, while nothing can compare to the vaccine effort for impact, we discovered that there could be water on the sunlit surface of the moon, potentially life on Venus, “Marsquakes” on Mars, and also the chance that dozens of intelligent civilizations could be scattered across our Milky Way galaxy. 

Closer to home, we uncovered prehistoric evidence of a ferocious tyrannosaur in Canada, a car-sized turtle in South America and the oldest bird fossil ever found, dubbed the “wonderchicken.” 

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