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    Baker signs genocide education bill

    Students in Massachusetts middle and high schools will soon learn about the history of genocides around the globe as a required part of their curriculum. Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday signed legislation to mandate lessons on the Holocaust and other mass atrocities and to help school systems develop those lessons plans. Legislators said the collective knowledge of genocides appears to be declining and said they hoped that teaching about such acts will help prevent them in the future. Chris Mauriello, who leads the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Salem State University, told WBUR’s Radio Boston earlier this week that Massachusetts is “a bit late” to enact such a…

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    Teaching in the ‘Metaverse’? Roblox Looks to Make It a Reality

    Hoping to expand its presence in K-12 schools, gaming company Roblox announced this month a new $10 million fund to support the creation of online learning experiences that take advantage of its platform’s unique way of letting users play, explore, and socialize in an endlessly evolving virtual world. “We’re ready to find and reward developers and organizations who can figure out how to really lean into our great physics, strong immersive 3-D capabilities, and multiplayer experiences to teach in a deeper way,” Rebecca Kantar, the company’s head of education and the director of its new Roblox Community Fund, said in an interview. Founded in 2004, Roblox is now worth an…

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    Petition aims to dissolve Nebraska board of education

    Nebraskans are collecting signatures for a 2022 ballot initiative that would dissolve several key education positions, replacing them with a new office that reports only to the governor. The petition seeks to dismantle the state’s Department of Education, elected School Board, and School Board Commissioner through a constitutional amendment which would create a new Office of Education, overseen by the governor’s office.  That stems mostly from Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts’ multiple clashes with the state’s school board this year over its proposed updates to the state’s health education standards.  The updated standards would have incorporated lessons about gender identity and sexual orientation in school health classes. The board in September…

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    Billions of California education dollars unaccounted for

    It’s been eight years since then-Gov. Jerry Brown restructured California’s school funding formulas to direct billions of dollars to the state’s neediest students. But, in 2019, state Auditor Elaine Howle confirmed what critics had been saying for years: State and local tax money allocated under the formula had apparently been used instead to boost overall spending throughout school districts. It wasn’t exactly clear where the money had gone once it reached the districts. Howle’s findings are reinforced by a new report this month from Policy Analysis for California Education, an independent research center that draws from Stanford, University of Southern California and the University of California campuses at Berkeley, Davis…

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    How political organizers are channeling parents’ education frustrations

    “I hope that the race in Virginia really woke a lot of people up and said, OK, there is a groundswell of parents,” Schillinger said. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of parents are in Facebook groups focused on keeping schools open. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found 48% of parents said they should have a lot of say in what their child’s school teaches. Keri Rodrigues is president of the National Parents Union, a collective of organizations that work to empower parents’ voices. “They’re entirely right to say that we’re angry. They’re entirely wrong about what we’re really angry about,” Rodrigues said. “I would tell you that 90 to 95%…

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    Pandemic gives us opportunity to transform education

    American schools are in crisis – addled by pandemic shutdowns and growing controversies over curriculum, masks and vaccines. Many students suffered severe learning loss, and others fret for their health and safety on campus. Worse, well before coronavirus took hold, too many students were ill-served by our K-12 school system. As John F. Kennedy said in 1959 of the challenges facing the nation, crisis represents both danger and opportunity. So too does this moment of peril afford – and truly require – us to treat the problem as a chance to transform our schools. If we take the moment of danger seriously, and implement real change, the disruption and damage done over…

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    Experimenting with Higher Education | Daily Nous

    A new university is being created by a group of academics and media personalities who, unlike you and the university you work or study at, care about the truth: And, might I add, they care about it fearlessly: Featuring a number of figures who have fearlessly quit previous jobs rather than be around people who disagreed with them, the University of Austin promises to be “fiercely independent—financially, intellectually, and politically,” by being funded via a libertarian think tank. It will have a physical campus in Austin, Texas, because “it’s good enough for [thinkers as radically different from one another as] Elon Musk and Joe Rogan.” The full curriculum is still…

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