Exchange Student

Bartlesville High to restart foreign exchange program this fall

After a year off due to uncertainty about the coronavirus, Bartlesville High School will begin accepting foreign exchange students again in the 2021-22 school year.

“The decision was made last summer not to host foreign exchange students this year because of many unknowns with starting a school year during a pandemic,” said Principal LaDonna Chancellor. “We didn’t know if we would have in-person classes or virtual classes, or if students would have opportunities to attend school events.”

It turns out the Bartlesville school district’s plan for slowing the spread of the coronavirus has been highly effective, she said.

The high school has held in-person classes for all but one week of the first semester, and school events have continued in a limited capacity.

“Looking ahead to next year we feel confident we can support foreign exchange students and provide an in-person learning experience with opportunities to attend school events — even if they aren’t in the traditional formats we enjoyed prior to the pandemic,” Chancellor said. “With that in mind, we are pleased to host foreign exchange students again beginning this fall.”