Author and Homeschool Expert Releases New Book to help Families During Pandemic

BEND, Ore., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A recent national survey by discovered that 72{c25493dcd731343503a084f08c3848bd69f9f2f05db01633325a3fd40d9cc7a1} of parents are considering schooling from home this year, but only 37{c25493dcd731343503a084f08c3848bd69f9f2f05db01633325a3fd40d9cc7a1} feel “very” to “extremely” confident in their abilities to support their child’s education at home. With the right tools, home education is possible for parents from all backgrounds, income levels, and work schedules.  To make learning from home affordable and accessible to all, author, CEO, and founder of Anne Crossman is releasing a new book, “Homeschool Like an Expert” teaching parents how to teach from home.

“The Covid pandemic has pushed a lot of parents to consider homeschooling who otherwise would really rather not teach their child from home, and that can be an intimidating leap. However, with the right tools and coaching, parents really can provide a quality education from home where their children thrive,” Crossman said. “While there are a lot of great curricula that make the content easier to manage, there are almost no courses teaching parents how to teach.  There’s a lot more that goes into homeschooling than setting a laptop or textbook on the table and saying ‘go for it.’ “Homeschool Like an Expert” helps families successfully navigate this new way to learn, whatever their unique family situation may be.

Lauded by “Dean Sue” Wasiolek of Duke University as “a practical, smart, much-needed resource that should be read by homeschooling families everywhere,” “Homeschool Like an Expert” (available Tuesday, October 13, 2020) is the definitive guide to learning from home.  This practical guide is essential for both new and seasoned parent teachers, distilling decades of research and expert advice from behavioral scientists, psychologists, professional educators, and over 100 successful homeschool families into a single resource.  Combining detailed research with real-life examples, Crossman answers the evergreen questions of homeschooling with practical help and resources.

Crossman is the author of multiple books on education, including “Getting the Best Out of College,” “Study Smart, Study Less,” and “Trying to Remember.” A former homeschooled student herself, Crossman began college at Stanford University with a focus in psychology, completing her degrees in English and Education at Duke University. She went on to teach in public high schools and military barracks, authored three books on education, and has been homeschooling her four children since 2006.

To further help parents identify whether or not they are ready to teach from home this year, offers a free interactive online quiz to walk parents through the basics of what they need to know. Earlier this year, Crossman launched, an online platform that provides timely podcasts, articles, resources, and video lessons to help parents educate at home.

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Based on decades of extensive research and work with psychologists, behavioral specialists, educators, and expert homeschool parents, Homeschool Expert is a multi-channel online platform to equip both beginning and experienced homeschool parents to teach their children with excellence. For resources and more information, visit


Overwhelmed parents rejoice—this is the resource you have been hoping to find. Whether you are emergency schooling or want to know how to homeschool better, there is no better guide than Homeschool Like an Expert.  If parents want to take their child’s home education—and their college readiness—seriously, this resource is where they should start. Anne Crossman offers a perspective on homeschooled education I haven’t seen anywhere else—she really has sat at every chair at the table.  Homeschool Like an Expert is an excellent guide that is a must-read for all parents looking to teach their children at home.  It is a practical, smart, much-needed resource that should be read by homeschooling families everywhere.
“Dean Sue” Wasiolek, Senior Advisor in Student Affairs, Duke University

Homeschool Expert gives timely, relevant insights derived from personal experience and extensive research.  As Director of Admissions at OSU helping students from all backgrounds transition to college, I highly recommend Homeschool Like an Expert as a guide. You’ll get an engaging, thought-provoking honesty designed to help you make the right decision for you and your family.
Noah Buckley, Director of Admissions, Oregon State University

As the founder of a homeschooling company, I’ve met a lot of folks writing about homeschooling — there is simply no one like Anne. Her resources are the culmination of decades of academic study, first hand experience, and coaching other homeschooling families to distill her treasure trove of knowledge into a gift every family can learn from. There’s really nothing else like it.
Ryan Delk, CEO Primer

If you want just one accessible, all-encompassing, empowering guide to homeschooling for success, here it is. Anne Crossman has experience and empathy in spades. She’ll answer your questions, point you to the right resources, calm your fears, quell your doubts, and get your homeschool up and running in no time. Homeschool Like an Expert is the fast-track to homeschool success for your family.
Debra Bell, PhD, Executive Director, Aim Online Academy, author of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens

I wish Homeschool Expert had been available when Sandi and I began to homeschool our four sons in the early 1980s. Anne has authored a well-thought-out resource for any parent embarking on the wonderful journey of learning together as a family.
Steve Demme, Founder, Math-U-See, Building Faith Families

For such a time as this,–we need a book just like this one.  Here is a one-stop guide for families struggling to adjust to the new educational realities.  If you are an eager learn-at-homer or a reluctant how-can-I-survivor, you will find this book an invaluable help.  And (one day!) your kids will be grateful, too, as they realize how well you have prepared them for what comes next.
Peter Feaver, Professor of Political Science, Duke University

Homeschool Like an Expert is a must-read for any family that is considering or has already decided to embark on this exciting journey.  The book offers easy-to-follow tools and strategies, and answers so many of the questions that those new to homeschooling will encounter.  Anne’s style is easy to follow, and it feels like you are having a conversation with a friend who has already blazed the trail for a successful homeschooling experience.  This book should be the first stop in your homeschooling journey. 
Patricia Schetter, Professor in MIND Institute at University of California, Davis, author of Homeschooling the Child with Autism

Publisher: Yellow Wood Press
On Sale: October 16, 2020
Price: $9.99 (eBook), $15.99 (paperback)
Pages: 305 pages

SOURCE Homeschool Expert

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