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A single mother is everything and anything to her child(ren). She watching her life revolve around them as they take the courage to live through the daily challenges of life.

Yet, single mothers are a categorised section in society and this is primarily based on stereotype built cultural bias. So they are perceived as rebels and as black sheep for defiling the expectations of society, therefore unfit in all forms of communities they find themselves in.

Now the conventional ideology is that something is off with a single mom and her child will be a recluse. Contrary to this societal bias, there are children of single moms out there doing the world proud and ultimately their mothers. Beginning with the first black president of the United States of America Barack Obama raised by his single mother, Ann Dunham to the mogul Jay-Z to Kevin Hart, Kanye West, Halle Berry and more are examples of kids who debunk the philosophy because of the immense support got from their moms.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 29: Jay-Z poses with his mother, Gloria Carter on September 29, 2011 (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

Despite the cheers, single moms are getting these days; projected as superwomen, society still has its reservations.

One of the plights of being a single mom aside from being alone is having to shoulder every ounce of emotional and financial responsibility; in the absence of a partner to handle some aspects of these duties.

Being the centrepiece to each other’s life, financial empowerment is a prerequisite to giving their children the best things money can buy.

Here are some jobs that are great for single mothers that will boost their financial and emotional burden.

First, one occupation to consider is to become a teacher. This job provides the needed space to display skills tapped into from having to cater for their own child and working with them. Harnessing this skill of paying attention to people’s needs will see a single mom thriving in a classroom setting as well as a great workspace for single moms going back into the workforce. Bearing in mind that the job entails emotional connection by offering compassion and love to kids who desperately yearn for such.

Shift jobs are another way to cash in as well as make out ample time for the welfare of one’s child. Add “Mrs Doubtfire” aka nanny to the list of jobs for single moms.

They can run two jobs too meaning more income. Making an allowance for roles/jobs that permit you to capitalise on your natural skills is a good way to go for single moms. Good enough many of these jobs do not bank on qualifications or degrees but the dextrousness of a single mom is a first class necessity.

Freelancing is the job of the century and so this can also be for single moms when they make use of these changes. These jobs for single moms offer flexibility as a working mom. Freelancing has its opportunities of variability from writing to social media managers, answering phone calls and hosting websites. One just needs to find their niche and get comfortable while stringing along with more than one job in the ease of your home.

Are you a single mom who is hooked on her phone 24/7? Surely social media management jobs, content writing or even copywriting jobs fall within the catch.

Make a career out of what you love, like caring for kids. Simply put, be an entrepreneur. You can set out on your own to be an entrepreneur and a daycare might just be the idea to go with when you look at it.

Hence, while having a daycare is perfect to some, having some other business options might be viable to others but basically being an entrepreneur is another job that single moms can flourish in when they decide to take a full-time job by being the boss.

Being a single mom is no catwalk, so do not be afraid to start small and grow big in the trials and struggles of being a mother and single.

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