6 tips to help parents with homeschooling stress

Homeschooling can be tough on parents, especially if you are helping more than one child. Here are some tips to help you cope with the stress of being a multi-hyphenate. 

  • Plan your day

    A packed agenda can be stressful. Write out a list in the morning and split it into child-related tasks and other work or home-related tasks to make the school hours pass by smoothly. Remember you cannot prioritize everything, every day. 

  • Prioritize by age

    Instead of running around the house trying to manage all your kids, prioritize your younger children and they will find self-learning more difficult. 

  • Take a walk 

    Yes, you too need a break. So, during your children’s breaks, take a walk around the block to release stress.

  • After school duties

    After school hours, encourage your teenagers to work on their studies independently. Help them if they need support instead of teaching them all over again.

  • Extra time

    Give yourself more time than expected throughout the day. If logging into one class will need five minutes, try to book 10- 15 minutes for this task. This way, if any unexpected issues occur, you will not stress out.

  • Ask for support

    If you are juggling a full-time job or personal tasks, ask your family or friends for support. 

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