11 amazing Earth discoveries from 2022

Explorers have scaled the planet’s highest peak and trawled its deepest ocean trench, yet Earth is still teeming with secrets waiting to be discovered. 

Every year, scientists chip away at the mystery hidden in the third rock from the sun, and this year was no exception. From a hidden network of under-ice rivers in Antarctica to disturbing new findings about the San Andreas Fault, here are some of the most surprising secrets we learned about our home planet in 2022.

1. An under-ice Antarctic river 300 miles long

A river system discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet drains into the Weddell Sea. (Image credit: C.F. Dow, et al. Nature Geoscience 2022)

This year, scientists discovered a river coursing beneath the Antarctic ice sheet that was as long as the River Thames in England. Scientists found the subterranean thoroughfare, which drains a region as big as Germany and France combined, by using ground-penetrating radar. 

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