10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Wonder Woman Had

Although she is a demigod, Wonder Woman isn’t that much different from other superheroes. She fights for justice, protects the innocent, and stops evildoers from taking over or destroying the world. And as hard as it may sound, she’s also held down a couple of odd jobs.

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It’s hard to believe that someone like Wonder Woman would need a job, but it’s not the strangest thing to happen to her. Though one look at her resume would surprise anyone who finds out about these 10 jobs Wonder Woman had.

10 War Nurse

The first job that Wonder Woman had was as a war nurse during the Golden Age of comics. After Steve Trevor returned to the United States, Wonder Woman met a nurse named Diana Prince who looked just like her. She paid the nurse to take her place and assumed the alias Diana Prince so she could tend to Steve while he recovered.

It’s a good thing that Wonder Woman was already a trained nurse since it allowed her to be with Steve and for Diana Prince to be with the man she loved. Talk about a win-win situation.

9 Ambassador

For the longest time, Themyscira was considered a well-hidden myth to the rest of the world along with the amazons that lived there. Eventually, they opened up their shores to the outside world and joined the U.N. Wonder Woman was more than qualified considering she’s spent more time outside of Themyscira than any of her sisters.

During her time, she would serve as an advocate for peace while protecting her staff from the likes of Medusa and Dr. Psycho. She also had the opportunity to publish a book.

8 Author

While serving as the ambassador to Themyscira, Wonder Woman also became a successful author of Reflections: A Collection of Essays and Speeches. It’s not surprising that it did well since it was written by a demigod and heroine who has saved the world countless times.

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It also doesn’t come as a surprise that some did not take kindly to the book’s progressive content like Veronica Cale. Unlike Wonder Woman, the average person isn’t aware of how many gods exist in the universe. Something tells us there isn’t going to be a follow-up.

7 Secretary

Wonder woman secretary

The thought of Wonder Woman as a secretary contrasts with her role as an empowering female icon. And yet, she’s been a secretary twice as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. The first time was during WWII, where she served as secretary to Colonel Philip Darnell to stay close to Steve Trevor.

The second time was when the Justice Society of America elected her as the new secretary but refused to bump her up to being a full member. Thankfully, these only occurred on Earth-Two but it’s absurd to imagine Wonder Woman being relegated to a demeaning position.

6 Curator

Anyone familiar with the DCEU should be familiar with Gal Godot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman. For over a century, she has been living among mortals and fighting crime in secrecy. When she isn’t stopping crime, she works as a museum curator as mild-mannered Diana Prince.

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Allowing her to preserve priceless historic artifacts and make sure nothing magical falls into the wrong hands like in Wonder Woman 1984. Quite fitting considering her connection to history and mythology.

5 Circus Performer

Diana may be a fierce amazon warrior, she also has a kind, generous heart. That’s why when a circus performer was gravely injured, Wonder Woman stepped in to take her place in the show hoping to raise money for the army welfare fund. She made a terrific performer dazzling the audiences with acrobatics and animal taming.

Although this was written before the public realized the mistreatment circus animals received resulting in a few scenes with Diana improperly handling the animals. Unfortunately, that was not the only controversial material in the issue.

4 Boutique Owner

During the 60s, the writers of Wonder Woman tried to depower her and make her more relatable to the readers. It’s not a bad idea since it would require Diana to rely on her wits and fighting skills, but making her a boutique owner wasn’t such a bright idea.

Fashion has never been one of Wonder Woman’s passions making it strange to see her selling hats and dresses. Eventually, she regained her powers and left that shop for good. It wouldn’t be her last time working retail.

3 Secret Agent

When Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord, it sparked controversy among readers and the inhabitants of DC comics. She was forced into hiding but she refused to stay out of the action. While Donna Troy took up her mantle, Diana Prince joined the Department of Metahuman Affairs as a secret agent with Nemesis as her partner.

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Pulling a Clark Kent and hiding in plain sight, she discovered the intel the Department had on her and saved her successor from Circe, where she became Wonder Woman once more. She wouldn’t be involved with the Department of Metahuman Affairs until the “Amazon Attack” story arc.

2 Private Eye

Fed up with Steve Trevor favoring Wonder Woman over Diana Prince, Diana quit her job with the military and opened a detective agency. She would receive clients as Diana and then use her Amazonian powers to solve the cases. What she didn’t anticipate was mobsters piecing together the connection between Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.

Thankfully, she foiled their plans and preserved her secret identity. It’s probably best that she gave it up a few issues later since DC has enough detectives.

1 Taco Whiz Employee

That’s right folks; there was a time when Wonder Woman was selling tacos at Taco Whiz. Though to be fair, Themyscera had vanished and she lacked the proper experience to qualify for any jobs. Still, she took pride in her work and tried her hardest to be the best employee that she could.

Her friends in the superhero community even visited and ate at her workplace to show their support (and grab some lunch).  Much like most high schoolers, that job is in the past and serves as a quirky footnote in her life.

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