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Table of Contents Customer Service AgentCompanion to Those in NeedEvent Usher or AttendantGrocery Store Greeter or ClerkHome Mortgage UnderwriterOn-Demand DriverReal Estate AgentTemporary Office WorkerTour GuideTutor The Great Resignation may bring good news for jobseekers over age 50: Many companies are actively seeking new workers and are willing to offer flexible, […]

The Great Resignation may bring good news for jobseekers over age 50: Many companies are actively seeking new workers and are willing to offer flexible, accommodating schedules. When making hiring decisions, many employers particularly value skills and experience, according to a 2021 AARP survey of human resources employees. Companies particularly value workers who are 50 or older for their professionalism and problem solving skills, the survey found.

Some of the jobs that are recruiting seniors include:

  • Customer service agent.
  • Companion to those in need.
  • Event usher or attendant.
  • Grocery store greeter or clerk.
  • Home mortgage underwriter.
  • On-demand driver.
  • Real estate agent.
  • Temporary office worker.
  • Tour guide.
  • Tutor.

Here’s a breakdown of the jobs that are actively seeking seniors.

Customer Service Agent

For those who have extensive experience working with people, along with an eye for etiquette, helping customers work through different scenarios and fulfilling their requests might be a solid fit. As commerce moves increasingly online, there is a need for workers to be able to get on the phone or chat online to discuss orders with clients. Technology presents another perk: Many of these positions have moved to a remote setting, meaning you can take calls from the comfortable chair in your living room.

Companion to Those in Need

If you have a passion for helping others, sitting beside aging adults in a care facility could generate a sense of purpose. You might play games with an elderly individual, take them on a walk or read to them. Households that have a family member with a disability might also be looking for an extra set of hands. To find a part-time position, ask at local senior facilities or contact support groups.

Event Usher or Attendant

If you get a thrill from live performances or enjoy being involved in entertainment, a job at a local auditorium or theater could bring multiple benefits. In addition to accepting tickets and directing attendees to their seat, you’ll catch glimpses of the performances taking place. You might even review the events and suggest future happenings. The pay may not be as high as what you’ll find in other positions, but the performance perks could make up for it.

Grocery Store Greeter or Clerk

If you enjoy interacting with a variety of customers, getting involved at a local supermarket could bring in extra cash and a chance to chat. Some grocery stores offer discounts to their workers, and many are looking to fill positions at the door and the checkout counter. For places with self-checkout, your job may cater toward monitoring shoppers and jumping in when someone has a question about an item or transaction.

Home Mortgage Underwriter

For those with a bachelor’s degree and the necessary certifications, underwriting can be a great way to generate income and stay active. Companies value reliable, hardworking employees in this area who can carry out a detailed background check and be thorough in their work. You might have the chance to set your own hours and work remotely.

On-Demand Driver

If you have a qualifying vehicle and license and appreciate the chance to chat and connect with others, you might consider driving for a ride service like Uber or Lyft. Food delivery is another way to make use of your car. You’ll need to keep the interior and exterior of the vehicle in good shape and cover some expenses like fuel. In many instances the hours are flexible and you can work as little or as much as you like during hours that are convenient.

Real Estate Agent

Newcomers looking for a place to buy and individuals who want to sell will likely appreciate the steadfast voice of someone who has life experience. Look into state requirements for licensing before you begin. Once you are eligible, you will get a chance to stay active, communicate with others, help clients during their transitions and set your own hours.

Temporary Office Worker

As employers design hybrid working environments, they’re looking for reliable workers to help fill in the gaps. If you take on a temporary position, you might work in a building, at home or both. A temporary arrangement gives you a chance to bring in some extra cash during a set time, and if the position becomes permanent you can consider extending your stay. Ask about benefits and work-from-home versus work-from-office expectations when applying.

Tour Guide

As tourism picks up in some places and organizations look to fill positions that were dropped or paused due to the pandemic, your insight about local destinations could be put to good use. These jobs typically come with the chance to walk regularly, interact with visitors and reap the rewards of helping others learn about a new place. Start with what you know best and look for part-time or seasonal positions in your area.


Many students are looking for direction as they prepare for tests like the SAT, ACT and other exams. Lean on your background and area of expertise when setting up tutoring arrangements. While some students may prefer to meet in person, others could be open to video conferences.

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